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QNK Roofing is a top notch roofing company servicing Stamford Ct and the surrounding communities. We have over 5 decades of combined experience working with roofs, siding and gutters. We are a family owned business, so we treat you like part of our family, we can handle any job as we have the experience and do quality work.

Call or Text: 203-883-5033

The weather constantly changes and it is becoming increasingly intense, for this reason you must invest in a quality roof and make sure that any small problems your roof has are fixed as soon as possible, the longer you wait the worst the damage becomes and the more expensive it will be to fix it.

Whatever your needs are feel free to reach out and one of our professionals will go over to the project in order to give you a fair quotation.

Because we are a family owned business, our pricing model if fair but no quality is sacrificed. Our roofers are very professional and have been in the industry for decades. You have nothing to lose as all our work is guaranteed!


QNK Roofing

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